Employment experience

2013 - 2016. Scientific advisor. Fundación del Río San Juan (FUNDAR). Managua, Nicaragua

2000 - Present. Director. Proyecto Biodiversidad. Area of Planification and Scientific Research Development (Programa Cientifico Complementario).

1998 – 2007. Instructor, “Dynamics of Neotropical Rain Forest” EEB 479, field course. Organized by The University of Michigan in collaboration with Center of Documentation and Information of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua (CIDCA). Bluefields, Nicaragua.

2000 – 2006. Undergraduate thesis supervisor for 6 Nicaraguan students. Universidad Centroamericana (Lapse: 2000-2001) and Universidad de las Regiones Autonomas de Nicaragua (Lapse: 2000-2006).

2002 – 2005. Graduate student Instructor. Introductory Biology (BIO-162). The University of Michigan. Winter 2003, Fall 2004, Winter 2004, Fall 2005.

2001. Instructor, “Introduction to Biology”. Department of Sciences and Technology of the Environment, Universidad Centroamericana, Managua, Nicaragua.

2000 - 2001. Member, Evaluation committee of undergraduate theses. Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Environment. Universidad Centroamericana, Managua, Nicaragua.

2000. Principal Instructor, “Ecology” and “Forest Management”. Department of Agroforestry. Universidades de las Regiones Autonómas de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua. Bluefields, Nicaragua.

Grants and fellowships

Ruiz, J. 2006. Secondary seed dispersal dynamics. Idea Wild.

Ruiz, J. 2005. Effect of pathogen insects on seedling recruitment (Second Phase). Rackham International Award, University of Michigan.

Ruiz, J. 2005. Spatial dynamics of seedling recruitment in tropical rainforest. International Foundation of Science. Sweeden.

Ruiz, J. 2004. Effect of pathogens insects on seedling recruitment (First Phase). International Institute, University of Michigan.

Boucher, D. 2000. Space Ecology of Tropical Tree Species. Grantee: Douglas Boucher. Research Scientist: J. Ruiz.

Ruiz, J. 1997. Efectos de insectos herbivoros en Vochysia ferruginea. IDRC-Canada.


The University of Michigan. Complete Fellowships for both Doctorate and Master of Science degrees, July 2002 - May 2008.

The University of Michigan. Consulting grant to conduct studies at Wageningen Universiteit, Sept 1998 – Jan 2000.

Universidad Centroamericana. Complete fellowship (Beca A) to conduct undergraduate studies, Feb 1993 - Dic 1997.

Academic Awards

Given by: Universidad Centroamericana because of having produced the best thesis in the history of the Department of Ecology. Place: Managua, Nicaragua. Date: January 18, 1998.

Given by: National University Council of Nicaragua. Outstanding thesis supervisor. Awarded to the best supervisors in Ecology and Biology in 2005.