Javier Ruiz
Proyecto Biodiversidad
Post-Doctoral Associated, Stanford University, 2012
Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2008
Tropical Ecology, Analytical Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Visiting Scholar. Stanford University. Dirzo Lab. USA, 2012
Visiting Scholar. Bluefields University. Bluefields, Nicaragua, 2009-2011
Ph.D., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Michigan, USA, 2008
M.Sc., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Michigan, USA, 2004

M.Sc., Forest Ecology, Wageningen Universiteit, The Netherlands, 2000
B.Sc., Ecology and Natural Resources, Universidad Centroamericana, Nicaragua, 1997


Tropical forest ecologist and quantitative ecologist interested in dynamic processes occurring to tree and animal communities. I am highly motivated in coordinating and leading research groups working on topics related to natural resources research and management. I am currently developing networks with other scientists to apply modern quantitative approaches to detect, investigate and understand mechanisms and processes driving and structuring rain forests. I have been publishing results on Forest Dynamics, Ecology, Ecological Modeling and Conservation Ecology, with more than 300 citations in peer-reviewed scientific journals (link). Because there is not access to scientific literature in many countries of the world, my focus has been on publishing my research finding in open access scientific journals.


In 1994, I started ecological research in eastern Nicaragua working with a multi-national research team from The University of Michigan, Centro de Documentation and Information of the Atlantic Coast - BICU.

I taught Biology and Ecology to undergraduate students at The University of Michigan (2002-2008) and a field course for graduate students on Tropical Ecology with John Vandermeer as PI (1997-2007).

From 2005 to the present, International Foundation of Science have been one of the major supporters of my research program focusing on Conservation Biology.

In 2012 and 2013-2015, Interamerican Academies of Science (IANAS) awarded me with two fellowships to establish networks with scientists working in United States of America (USA) and to showcase my personal skills in the Educational System of United States of America. This research opportunity also lead me to establish collaboration and to conduct research on changes in biodiversity and emerging infectious diseases in humans with focus on Latin America together with Professor Rodolfo Dirzo from Stanford University. In 2016, I have been a scientific advisor for the National Council of Universities of Nicaragua and Fundación del Río San Juan de Nicaragua (FUNDAR).

                                                        Isthmus of Rivas (Nicaragua)

In 2017, I am going to be conduting field research and evaluating numerically what changes in tree and animal diversity are driven by a gradient of anthropogenic practices in a large scale study in Rivas, San Miguelito and Punta Gorda, Nicaragua. This research area has been receiving a great deal of attention recently as is the natural distribution of conserved dry forests, mangrove ecosystems and endemic terrestrial vertebrate species. 

I am looking forward to establish research contact with scientists and agencies interested in the conservation of biodiversity, ecosystem and improvement in environment.

Most recent update: January 28, 2017

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